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    催化劑載體用活性氧化鋁(Activated alumina for catalyst support)



      晶型:γ- AL2O3型




      我公司開發成功的專利技術產品。該載體以氧化鋁為主體物料,根據催化劑用途加入適當的活性助劑(如:MO-Al、Ni- Al、Mn- Al、Ti- Al、CO- Al、K- Al等)制成,用該載體制備的催化劑與同類產品相比具有更高的活性和活性穩定性,更適合在高溫、高壓、高空速、高水氣比的苛刻條件下使用。白色球狀物質,特殊工藝制作,因具有獨特的骨架結構,所以與活性組分親和力極強,該產品微孔分布均勻,孔徑大小適宜,孔容大,吸水率高,堆積密度小,機械性能好,具有良好的穩定性。適合做催化劑載體;钚匝趸X(球)(粒度可根據用戶要求加工)。

    Activated alumina for catalyst support Applications:

    Crystal type: γ-AL2O3 type

    Molecular formula: AL2O3 • nH2O (0≤0.8)

    Physical and chemical properties: This product is white, spherical porous material, non-toxic, odorless, non-pulverized, insoluble in water and ethanol.

    Our company developed successful patented technology products. The carrier is made of alumina as the main material, and is added with an appropriate coagent (such as MO-Al, Ni-Al, Mn-Al, Ti-Al, CO-Al, K-Al, etc.) according to the purpose of the catalyst. Compared with similar products, the catalyst prepared by the support has higher activity and activity stability, and is more suitable for use under severe conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high space velocity, and high water-air ratio. The white spherical substance is made by special process. Because of its unique skeleton structure, it has strong affinity with active components. The product has uniform micropore distribution, suitable pore size, large pore volume, high water absorption, small bulk density, and good mechanical properties. , Has good stability. Suitable as catalyst support. Activated alumina (ball) (particle size can be processed according to user requirements).

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